Chicken and onion curry

Saveur Magazine has a recipe for a chicken and onion curry from January 27, 2010. It took a little more than an hour to cook, but the results were very much worth it - delicious, and worth repeating. We had the meal with rice, kale, and a daikon raita from that I kind of liked but which was not a big hit with the rest of the table. The current meal planning regime here uses a Google calendar and a question at the end of every meal: do you want this again, and how many weeks before we have it again? »

I am eating a sandwich, with a recipe in Github

Twitter is, of course, for telling people that you are eating a sandwich. That’s been the point of the system the whole time - long before selfies, even long before it took pictures at all, you might get a proper narrative of what people are eating for lunch or a snack. Using the net to keep track of food is an old tradition; I need only point you at the Usenet Cookbook, developed from 1985 to 1987 by Brian Reid, as an archetype. »

food coop notes for July 18, 2015

Some notes over a cup of coffee and some cold roast chicken. I need to mix up my menu selections at the coop more so that I can remember what I was writing by what I ate; I usually eat the same thing! Peter Honeyman and Lynn Chamberlain were here at the coop, doing the NY Times crossword. (Saturday crossword in 36:05, a mid-day triumph.) At Farmer’s Market: cherries, parsley, kale, potatoes, dill, tomatoes. »

sweet potato cauliflower soup recipe

Some sweet potato cauliflower soup recipes: Allyson Kramer likes hers with a bit of garam masala: Our Three Peas wants carrots and celery and chicken stock: and “Kelly in TO” calls for curry and cinnamon: Our meal plan pairs this with biscuits and kale, and it was delicious! »

Hoppin' Giovanni (Rapini with white beans)

This simple dish of beans and greens comes from Mary Ann Esposito's Ciao Italia. It's similar in many ways to the traditional "Hoppin' John" served for good luck for the new year. Hoppin' Giovanni Wash and chop a bunch of rapini (broccoli rabe). If you can't find rapini, some other mild green like turnip greens (or even kale) would work nicely. Mince a shallot fine and saute in a large pan in olive oil until fragrant. »

Paw Paws at Cobblestone Farm Market on Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The following was posted to the Cobblestone Farm mailing list and is repeated here for your edification (and enjoyment of distinctive fruit). Cobblestone Market has much to offer you and your family this Tuesday evening (4pm-7pm). Come try some new tastes, then warm your hands and feet by our fire pit!   There will be paw paws at the market tomorrow, thanks to Marc Boone and his volunteers! Paw paws are a native fruit which tastes a like a banana and mango combined. »

making fruit liqueurs, (or) how to prepare for the holidays well in advance

It's fruit season (or nearly so) and so it's time to start thinking about what we're going to do for making holiday gifts. One staple in our house is a simple fruit liqueur of some sort, which turns sugar + fruit + vodka + time into something yummy. We are not generally a cocktails household, so part of the corresponding challenge is giving people some sense of what do to with the jar to help them enjoy it. »

2008 Michigan blueberry picking information

Photo credit: annethelibrarian; taken July 1, 2008 in Westland, MI. Used with permission, some rights reserved It's just about blueberry picking season here near Ann Arbor and all over the state of Michigan. There are two farms that I know about in easy driving distance of Ann Arbor. The Dexter Blueberry Farm is in Dexter on Beach Road north of Dexter-Chelsea Road; when I called yesterday they said about a week, so call ahead to (734)426-2900 to confirm. »

2008 urban berry foraging report part 1: Juneberries in Ann Arbor

Every year around this time (June 17) the juneberry trees in the streets of Ann Arbor are ripe. Juneberries - variously shadbush, shadberry, or serviceberry, depending on where you're from - are iron ore pellet sized, dark purple when ripe, slightly sweet with soft seeds inside that are vaguely almondy. They are not delicious, not in the sense that strawberries are delicious, but they are good to grab a handful of and snack on as you're walking down the street. »

Blueberry Muffins (Ann Arbor Cookbook, 1904)

Blueberry Muffins (Ann Arbor Cookbook, 1904) Compiled by the Ladies’ Aid Society of the Congregational Church Ann Arbor, Michigan: George Wahr, 1904 Cream one level tablespoon of butter and 1/3 cup of sugar together, add 1 egg, a scant 1/2 cup of milk, 1 cup of flour and two tablespoons more measured level, a pinch of salt and 2 level teaspoons of baking powder. Mix well and then stir in carefully 1 cup of blueberries. »