September 3, 2016 Oklahoma earthquakes

A magnitude 5.6 earthquake rattled oil country in Oklahoma on September 3, 2016 at 7:02 a.m. The quake’s epicenter was eight miles northwest of Pawnee, OK. The USGS maps of the quake are detailed. The Pawnee Nation declared a state of emergency after ordering evacuations of damaged buildings in the area. Historically, the incidence of earthquakes in Oklahoma is low, and there is concern in the state that these earthquakes are of man-made origin. »

Oklahoma earthquake, 7 December 2013 near Oklahoma City, OK - plus aftershocks

A magnitude 4.5 earthquake hit near Edmond, Oklahoma (just north of Oklahoma City) at 12:10 p.m. local time on 7 December 2013. The "did you feel it" map is from the USGS: In addition, on 8 December 2013 there were several aftershocks, including a magnitude 3.1 quake just after midnight local time. Previously: Oklahoma earthquakes, November 5-7 2011 and historical Reuters has a good overview of the Oklahoma earthquake situation in a November 11, 2013 article by Carey Gillam. »

Oklahoma earthquakes, November 5-7 2011 and historical

ANN ARBOR USA, November 5-7, 2011 (Vacuum News) - There were a series of earthquakes in Lincoln County, Oklahoma, but we didn't feel them here in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Some maps and news from people who did feel the quakes follow. The data here are preliminary, and you'll want to go to the USGS page for the Oklahoma quake for details, and Oklahoma earthquake history to figure out how normal this is. »