Chicken and onion curry

Saveur Magazine has a recipe for a chicken and onion curry from January 27, 2010. It took a little more than an hour to cook, but the results were very much worth it - delicious, and worth repeating. We had the meal with rice, kale, and a daikon raita from that I kind of liked but which was not a big hit with the rest of the table. The current meal planning regime here uses a Google calendar and a question at the end of every meal: do you want this again, and how many weeks before we have it again? »

How I turned 99 cents worth of kale into half a gallon of delicious ice cream

“Learn this one weird trick” “Grocery stores hate him” Really though it’s pretty simple. Lucky’s had a sale on kale for 99 cents, so I bought one bunch. The clerk rang it up at $2.49, and when I asked, they said it was organic. I figured I had pulled it from the wrong bin, whatever. Get home, cook the kale (it’s delicious; recipe below). Check the twist tie to check my mistake, and find out that the kale wasn’t actually organic, and that I was overcharged. »

Summer dinner

Dinner: roasted red peppers, roasted green beans, boiled potatoes, cool and crunchy red pepper and yellow tomato salad with balsamic, kale, and either eggs or bratwurst depending on your preferences. I really prefer cooking in the summertime! Discussion on Facebook. »

Edward Vielmetti on #kale,

Recipe: Kale with corn and green onions

This recipe for kale with corn and green onions works well enough with frozen corn, but I'm sure it would be better with fresh. You cook with the ingredients you have, not the ingredients you want to have. We're lucky to have fresh kale at the farmers market! Ingredients: oil for frying garlic 1 bag kale corn - frozen, if you must, but fresh would be better green onions - chopped soy sauce Method: »

Ann Arbor Farmers Market report for June 27, 2009

mostly pulled from twitter, but also from some field reporting from your fearless market reporter. The Farmer's Marketer (Kim Bayer) notes "Committee forming to determine if year round indoor farmers market viable in downtown Ann Arbor." Open House 7.8.09. 3:30-7pm. Eaton Bldg. I don't have a URL to point to for this one for more details but you could ask Kim. Jeff McCabe is on a misson to create "as many hoop houses in our area as these efforts can muster"; he has resources to support two of them to be built this fall, contact him for the application due July 10. »

What's at the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market, March 21, 2009

Molly is publishing market lists; here's last week's.  I don't yet have a vendor list that goes with it. March 21, 2009!  Apples Baked goods Beef Beet greens Beets Bison Biscotti Cider Cupcakes Delicious chocolate cookies Cultivated mushrooms Coffee (including hand-pulled espresso!) Dulce du leche Eggs Honey Jams & jellies Kale Lamb Maple Syrup Onions Popcorn Potatoes Delicate salad greens Radishes Spinach Tamales Winter squash + a delightful selection of crafts, plants, and flowers! »