Platforms for the Internet of Things, 2015 edition

A discussion on one of the lists I follow covers the question of “platform” support for the Internet of Things. Since consumer IoT is a kind of squooshy market right now with rapid changes in prices and no one obvious choice for what technology to adopt, it’s worthwhile taking some kind of review of the landscape for 2015 and sort out what to watch for next year. This is organized by vendor, and loosely grouped so that similar systems are next to each other. »

A design for an an Ann Arbor events channel, @a2events

Here's a design for a low overhead way to post about events coming up in Ann Arbor. Follow @a2events on Twitter if you want to play along. The first rule of business is that every event has to have a URL, and the more simple and direct the URL is the more likely it is that it's authoritative for the event. If an event doesn't have a URL yet, I'll blog about it here if I need to post about it. »