full stack plane spotting and data analysis

The task at hand is simple. Whenever a particular airplane is visible overhead, send out a tweet with that notice. Don’t repeat yourself with this announcement more than twice an hour, but try not to have too much lag in reporting. The full stack of hardware and software to do this is not particularly complicated to use once you get it all running, but there are a series of issues and observations along the way that add to the complexity. »

Bringing up Node-RED and mosquitto under "docker compose" on a Raspberry Pi

Progress, actually quite a lot of it: The problem, neatly stated. Docker is good for bringing up single services ("microservices"), but sometimes your application needs more than one thing running for the whole thing to work. Enter "docker compose", formerly "fig", which automates the process of running various Docker commands in the right order with the right arguments all driven from a configuration file. As described by their documentation: Compose is a tool for defining and running complex applications with Docker. »

Gogs, a self-hosted Git server

Gogs is a self-hosted Git server, an alternative to using Github as a for-pay hosted service or Gitlab as another self-hosted system. It's written in the Go language, and is said to be sparing of system resources. I'm building it using Docker on a Raspberry Pi 2, thanks to the folks at Hypriot; the writeup is Run your own GitHub-like service with the help of Docker, and the file on Dockerhub is at hypriot/rpi-gogs-raspbian. »

Running Node-RED on a Raspberry Pi with Docker and Hypriot

My goal for the week was to empty out my inbox sufficiently that I would be able to make progress on some programming tasks that are hard to do when there's distractions. The inbox got all the way down to zero, and that meant that there was a chunk of evening time suitable for hacking. Happy to report that the result of this is Node-RED running on a Raspberry Pi under Docker on top of Hypriot. »