Ann Arbor area APRS network status, January 2016

APRS is the “Automatic Position Reporting Service”, a system for sharing information about the position of participating amateur radio stations. Clients transmit position reports on 144.39 Mhz; digipeaters repeat these reports to other monitoring stations; and various IGate sites monitor transmissions and send their findings to which collects worldwide data. In recent memory there has been an APRS digipeater in Chelsea, Michigan with wide area coverage, good enough to pick up travellers on I-94 west of Ann Arbor. »

What the W8UM net looks like in software defined radio

A sample screen grab from tonight's W8UM net on 145.23. Please note that the radio I'm using looks like it's out of tune a little bit, since I'm actually listening here on 145.217. It was a good clear strong signal (the red/yellow line), even with the not very good antenna I have; it should be, since the transmitter is only about a mile from here. »