New month, new theme

I’ve switched themes in this weblog, using Casper from Valère JEANTET who ported it from Ghost to Hugo. The biggest advantage of the theme is that it’s neat and clean and looks like other people’s work. The biggest disadvantage is that I have 80+ pages of paginated weblog going back into the dim mists of time, and this theme doesn’t come out of the box with support for that kind of deep back list in it. »

diligently editing and converting for production

I’m trying my best to get this blog ready for production. The tasks remaining include the following. Get a reasonable home page with pagination. Somehow I need to provide some kind of access to almost 2000 posts, and they don’t all fit on a single page. Sort through the design to make old things reachable, and then worry next about the formatter. (This is done at least minimally, though the provided paginator interface uses a list structure that’s not nice. »

Publishing from Hugo to Github Pages

One of the challenges in getting things started is figuring out where the end product is going to live. Hugo has its own web server which is pretty nice, but since it generates static pages, the results can really go anywhere. This tutorial goes through the process in excruciating detail but somehow fails to make it easy. What I’d like is a publishing workflow that just like the normal Hugo workflow puts things online instantly once they are built. »

customizing a theme

Themes can be customized by editing the top matter, or by directly changing the theme. The challenge is understanding enough of how the moving parts interconnect to make it do what you want it to do, or at least enough of them so that you don’t have a blog that just looks like a weak ripoff of someone else’s. This tutorial does a very nice job of helping you walk through the simple bits. »