Gogs, a self-hosted Git server

Gogs is a self-hosted Git server, an alternative to using Github as a for-pay hosted service or Gitlab as another self-hosted system. It's written in the Go language, and is said to be sparing of system resources. I'm building it using Docker on a Raspberry Pi 2, thanks to the folks at Hypriot; the writeup is Run your own GitHub-like service with the help of Docker, and the file on Dockerhub is at hypriot/rpi-gogs-raspbian. »

that new computer smell

I won't be complaining about a small keyboard or a small screen for a while, but I have a lot of tools to reinstall on a new system. In order of appearance: Chrome, first thing. I like Safari enough in a pinch, but when it comes time to sync up my working environment, Chrome is what I need. A bonus on this system is that there's a working full-screen mode. »