Daily Coffee and Wifi, Roos Roast Wednesday edition

At Roos, an espresso over ice with a little half and half and a hard boiled egg. It’s a very compact breakfast. The espresso is served in an appropriately sized glass mug and tastes like the strongest little iced latte you will ever have. On my Mac, run ‘boot2docker upgrade’. That gets me up to current 1.7.1 revision of everything. Edwards-MacBook-Air:~ emv$ docker version Client version: 1.7.1 Client API version: 1. »

Coworking notes at Elixir Vitae

A productive afternoon with Mohan Kartha in which I opened a great many tabs in Chrome. This bit of writing to close those out. Elixir Vitae is a great spot for writing - lots of quiet noise from the coolers to keep a background hum, and close to the bus station. I’m sorting out the simplest task that I’d like to do with Node-RED, now that I have a Raspberry Pi 2 running it under Docker in a configuration that’s reliable enough that it seems like it’s stable. »