Coworking notes at Elixir Vitae

A productive afternoon with Mohan Kartha in which I opened a great many tabs in Chrome. This bit of writing to close those out. Elixir Vitae is a great spot for writing - lots of quiet noise from the coolers to keep a background hum, and close to the bus station. I’m sorting out the simplest task that I’d like to do with Node-RED, now that I have a Raspberry Pi 2 running it under Docker in a configuration that’s reliable enough that it seems like it’s stable. »

food coop notes for July 18, 2015

Some notes over a cup of coffee and some cold roast chicken. I need to mix up my menu selections at the coop more so that I can remember what I was writing by what I ate; I usually eat the same thing! Peter Honeyman and Lynn Chamberlain were here at the coop, doing the NY Times crossword. (Saturday crossword in 36:05, a mid-day triumph.) At Farmer’s Market: cherries, parsley, kale, potatoes, dill, tomatoes. »

A design for an an Ann Arbor events channel, @a2events

Here's a design for a low overhead way to post about events coming up in Ann Arbor. Follow @a2events on Twitter if you want to play along. The first rule of business is that every event has to have a URL, and the more simple and direct the URL is the more likely it is that it's authoritative for the event. If an event doesn't have a URL yet, I'll blog about it here if I need to post about it. »

Events for the week of March 24, 2011

Every week at a2b3 I ask people to tell me about upcoming events. Here's this week's event calendar, mostly for events in and around Ann Arbor, Michigan. Note that it doesn't include every possible thing going on, just what people tell me about, and what is interesting enough for me to notice and plan ahead for. I'll be at some of these, I hope. If you have an event to share, leave it as a comment on this post. »

Ann Arbor Farmers Market report for June 27, 2009

mostly pulled from twitter, but also from some field reporting from your fearless market reporter. The Farmer's Marketer (Kim Bayer) notes "Committee forming to determine if year round indoor farmers market viable in downtown Ann Arbor." Open House 7.8.09. 3:30-7pm. Eaton Bldg. I don't have a URL to point to for this one for more details but you could ask Kim. Jeff McCabe is on a misson to create "as many hoop houses in our area as these efforts can muster"; he has resources to support two of them to be built this fall, contact him for the application due July 10. »

2008 urban berry foraging report part 1: Juneberries in Ann Arbor

Every year around this time (June 17) the juneberry trees in the streets of Ann Arbor are ripe. Juneberries - variously shadbush, shadberry, or serviceberry, depending on where you're from - are iron ore pellet sized, dark purple when ripe, slightly sweet with soft seeds inside that are vaguely almondy. They are not delicious, not in the sense that strawberries are delicious, but they are good to grab a handful of and snack on as you're walking down the street. »