About this weblog

Edward Vielmetti has been writing the Vacuum weblog since 1999 from Ann Arbor, Michigan. The topics vary widely, with over 2000 entries in the whole collection.

In the interest of simplifying the presentation, some parts of this collection are currently offline, and the front page has some mix of meditation and detail.

The current set of systems that are an area of focus - and the places I draw from for inspiration on each - are as follows.

Writing. Self-reflective thoughts about producing a bunch of work through the medium of this weblog, and through other writing outlets that are less satisfying. Trying as best I can to write more letters and postcards and not spend as much time on instachirp.

Radio. Software defined radio, listening to far-off stations, operating 2 meter ham radio, various ways to listen to baseball online, and the like all capture my attention. One nice thing about radio is that you can listen to it while doing something else.

Raspberry Pi. This little ARM based single board computer is a launching point for small scale situated experimental computing interfaces to the outside world. I’m running the Hypriot distribution on my systems, which provides infrastructure to run Docker. Pis are cheap and cheerful, and the ARM chips they are built from have applications all the way from disposable embedded computers to data center scale power efficient compute farms.

Docker. This tool allows you to encapsulate system dependencies so that even complex software can be launched and run without going through an extensive installation process. Run this on small systems like the Raspberry Pi, for development on OS X or Linux, and on bare-metal servers like Packet. Container technology and cluster technology are still changing rapidly, with every new release offering new functions (and the risk of a smattering of interesting new bugs).