About this weblog

Edward Vielmetti has been writing the Vacuum weblog since 1999 from Ann Arbor, Michigan. The topics vary widely, with over 2000 entries in the whole collection. As much as possible, the first page has the current focus, but if you dig deep enough you’ll find lots of things that were interesting once and may be interesting again.

The current set of systems that are an area of focus - and the places I draw from for inspiration on each - are as follows.

Packet.net Since January 2017 I am Special Projects Director at this New York City based bare metal hosting provider.

Works on ARM is my first project for Packet, which focuses on helping developers port their systems and application software to the 64-bit ARMv8 architecture. This project came out of work I did with Raspberry Pi systems, and the 4-core Pi 3 will run the same code as a 96-core Cavium ARM server.

Writing. Self-reflective thoughts on writing in weblog format. I am trying as best I can to write more essays and letters and postcards and not spend as much time on instachirp.

Radio. Software defined radio, listening to far-off stations, operating 2 meter ham radio, various ways to listen to baseball online, and the like. One nice thing about radio is that you can listen to it while doing something else. W8EMV