Every day

Once upon a time I had a daily deadline to write 500 words. Anything was fair game as long as it was spelled correctly and included the two words “Ann Arbor” prominently in the lead paragraph. Those days are gone, but the memory of them reminds me of just how much hard work it is to have something new to say every day that’s worthy of publication.

There’s a certain rhythm to writing every day. I appreciate it for what it requires of you, that daily dose of composing yourself to the point of putting something down on paper that you’re willing to review the next day and not run shrieking from in horror.

One of the things I’ve learned from blogging for a while is that not everything that gets written down and published needs to stay published forever. The every day publication doesn’t need to be a permanent totem. It can live for a few days or a few weeks and then silently disappear, leaving room for something that matters more or that’s more on topic for some value of topic that you want to present yourself as.

Still I write. It’s hard to, but it’s also hard not to, and the only way to get a few good words on the page is to produce a lot of words and then be selective about what to keep around.