That new system smell

That new system smell is what you smell when there’s a brand new blank page and you have a ready approach to fill it up. It’s the well-worked out technique just waiting for some new set of tasks to tackle.

Some times new systems present as “greenfield” opportunities, with brand-new things to do that don’t require much in the way of adherence to what’s gone on in the past. Others show up as “brownfields”, with their fair share of underground surprises and an acrid or pungent smell of previous toxins or old tailings.

Would it surprise you that I am writing this page on a screen with no other words on it except this post? Strip a problem down to its bare essence and hide all of the gewgaws and gimcracks that enliven and distract from its true nature.

Musings on the language of Silicon Valley, the site of a recent visit, and what sorts of language gets used to talk about opportunity and to qualify the difference between the world of incremental change versus the world of radical reinvention.