AWS IoT to Node-RED

Duong Dinh Cuong (on Github as cuongquay) has contributed a node for Node-RED that encapsulates the AWS IoT service and allows straightforward communication between the two systems over MQTT.

The node, node-red-contrib-aws-iot-hub, includes support for the message-passing part of AWS IoT using MQTT, allowing you to open a channel to the IoT service and publish or subscribe to message topics. The result is easy integration between the two systems. As a part of this process, the node includes support for AWS certificates that have to be installed “just so” to allow AWS to trust Node-RED.

The current release is 0.1.5 from today, October 11, 2016. You can find it on Github, on NPM, and in the Node-RED flows library.

I’ve tested this with my airplane tracking code which publishes from a Raspberry Pi to AWS IoT using mosquitto, and it all seems to check out OK. A next step on my part is to port the whole experience up from my Mac where a test instance is running up to CoreOS, and also to document the AWS command line to generate the correct certificates in the correct format with the correct file names.