Daily coffee and wifi, September 6, 2016

Coffee and wifi (double espresso over ice) at the “dog park Biggby”, Platt Road at Ellsworth. It’s not an inconvenient location, and the very large south-facing windows are good to know about as the days get shorter.

More than 90 degrees outside, and I’m preparing to make dinner. The recipe is for “broccoli Calabrian style” from Martha Rose Shulman. I couldn’t find that exact recipe online, but this Bucatini Con Broccoli Alla Calabrese is close. Substitute sunflower seeds for pine nuts. The key to it is that you don’t want to cook anything too long, because it’s hot out.

First day of the 2016 school year for the boys. S. is at Community High School, and J. had his first day at Tappan Middle School. I don’t write about them much, but it sounded like today was a good day all in all.

Two new front tires for the car - one of them was quite flat, and they were both quite worn.

A new venue for lunch, the Session Room on Jackson Road in Scio Township. They have a very long list of beers which you can conveniently order in very small glasses (4 oz) to try out and enjoy.

The current challenge is to get an instance of Salt running in a Docker container, integrated with OpenVPN a la this OpenVPN provisioning with Salt recipe. We currently think that the best way to manage this is to connect it to the Docker container via an Elastic File System mount. A sub-challenge is finding the right way to run Salt in a container; tooling for this is awkward because you really to run some commands within the context of the container. Soon’s Docker Salt Master looks like a start.

Tonight, Ann Arbor City Council. Follow along on the #a2council hashtag on Twitter.