a2b3 lunch non-summary for 3d week of January 2016

Thanks to everyone for coming to lunch. We had 16 people, and complete introductions in 23 minutes.

The topic of the question was “repair”.

  • Linda Diane Feldt is repairing her side door, original equipment on a 90 y/o house.
  • Kathryn Sanderson darns socks.
  • Dan Friedus wants to know if you want to repair his 1980s Bolens garden tractors. (Make an offer.)
  • Ruthann Nichols teaches Science and Wine as a freshman seminar at the U.
  • John Barrie recommends Fix It Friday at Maker Works, and is repairing an Advent 300 stereo.
  • Josephine (sp?) is repairing a sense of community and interviewing a new boss.
  • Lou Leone likes not having to repair things.
  • Linda Rayle is decluttering.
  • Roger Rayle says “ideas get repaired” by his efforts.
  • Larry Siden is fixing code and got a rattling guitar amp repaired in Keego Harbor.
  • Helene Gidley is also darning socks and saved some wall paper for years for a successful repair.
  • Keith Alexander is repairing blank surfaces by painting murals.
  • Kathy Griswold repaired some household lighting.
  • Kai Petainen is repairing computer models for picking stocks.
  • Tim Athan is a forensic engineer and does failure analysis.
  • Ed Weiss is looking for help to repair help files for a music synth program written in Japanese for Windows 98.
  • Ed Vielmetti has successfully repaired two shortwave radios.

Thanks to Kai Petainen for his contribution and new membership to the Meetup group. The nominal dues are $20/yr which covers the costs of hosting on Meetup. Dues are completely voluntary and we always welcome everyone who comes.

Events coming up:

  • Friday 122
  • Saturday 123 Ann Arbor Farmers Market
  • Sunday 124 Hazel Park Hamfest 8a-noon
  • Sunday 124 “Ann Arbor Cocktail Coven”, talk to Lou Leone for details, Facebook group
  • Monday 125 a2civictech w/s/g Kathy Grisworld on SeeClickFix and civic engagement, at AADL
  • Tuesday 126
  • Wednesday 127 Agile Groupies w/s/g Helene Gidley at Pillar, “Lean Coffee” format.
  • Wednesday 127 Zoning Board of Appeals; no agenda yet
  • Thursday 128 a2b3 lunch at Ayse’s
  • Thursday 128 IOT Detroit in Allen Park

Future events:

  • Fri-Sun 129-131 Makeathon at UM Stamps School
  • some future Friday: Fixit Friday at Maker Works
  • end of June: Michigan Energy Fair w/s/g John Barrie

Events in the past

  • Monday 118 Ann Arbor City Council. What do we want? DRAFT MEETING MINUTES. When do we want them? EIGHT BUSINESS DAYS.
  • Tuesday 119 a2newtech; Roger Rayle has video, I think.

Notes afterwards.

If I take notes in my notebook, it doesn’t take long to write this up.