OpenVPN in a container

A few notes on setting up OpenVPN in a container.

I’m using CoreOS, which gives me Docker 1.7.1 in the “stable” branch.

Two different Docker configurations are available that take on this task, with slightly different setups. Kyle Manna’s docker-openvpn is what I’m working with; it in turn is derived from jpetazzo/dockvpn which solves the same problem slightly differently.

There’s a tutorial on Digital Ocean that describes the setup including client-side support.

A second tutorial by Stefan Scherer gives instructions for use in the Scaleway ARM-based server cloud.

I’m at the stage right now where I downloaded and installed everything and created an “opvn” config file that successfully loads into Tunnelblick, but where it doesn’t quite yet have all of the routing set up. The slight complication in the configuration is that I want to give access to Amazon VPCs, so I have a few layers of software-defined networking to knit together (or to unravel depending on your perspective).

network ho!