Ann Arbor City Planning Commission Executive Committee meetings

The Ann Arbor City Planning Commission has an “executive committee”. The names of committee members are not published on the city’s web site, nor are they noted in an obvious place on the city’s Legistar system.

From time to time, the Executive Committee holds a meeting to discuss matters of public import. These meetings are public meetings, and the announcements of their times and locations are duly noted on the public posting boards inside City Hall. A small handful of people get copies of the PDFs that get posted there so that we don’t miss a meeting (or, if we do miss a meeting, we don’t miss knowing that it happened).

The Executive Committee does post its meeting notices on the tack board, but it doesn’t list those meetings in the city Legistar calendar, and thus the meetings don’t make it onto the web-based city calendar. Minutes from those meetings are not routinely published to Legistar either.

It’s always disappointing to find a public body hosting meetings that are inadequately publicized, poorly noticed, and where a record of the proceedings is not readily available. I’m making inquiries into this particular instance.

Thanks to Eppie Potts for bringing this to my attention.