Listening to Radio Havana Cuba via a shortwave software defined radio

I’m listening to Radio Havana Cuba via a shortwave listening post set up with a software defined radio. The system, Great Lakes Listening Post, has four separate radios covering the 80, 40, 30, and 20 meter bands, all fed into the WebSDR software from PA3FWM. It’s located in Michigan, and thus approximates the radio reception I’d get from my own receiver.

R Havana Cuba is a good station to listen to. There’s interesting political commentary, fun music, and the occasional show about shortwave listening. The signal is usually strong and the frequency (6000 kHz) is easy to remember. Most international braodcasters have refocused their attention on Internet based broadcasts, but R Havana Cuba continues on with its shortwave service. My Sony ICF-2010 set from the 1980s still has a Cold War era present to that frequency.

The biggest advantage to web-based software radio is the ability to pick up stations from listening posts around the world. The WebSDR platform has stations with good antennas around the world, and they each allow multiple listeners to tune in to different stations without any of them monopolizing the receiver. Most web-based SDR systems focus on shortwave and HF amateur bands, but every so often you find a system that can tune domestic medium wave (AM) and long wave bands, which gives you a chance to hear programs that were never anticipated to be listened to from half way around the world.

Radio Havana Cuba on Great Lakes Listening Post WebSDR

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