Running Node-RED on a Raspberry Pi with Docker and Hypriot

My goal for the week was to empty out my inbox sufficiently that I would be able to make progress on some programming tasks that are hard to do when there's distractions. The inbox got all the way down to zero, and that meant that there was a chunk of evening time suitable for hacking. Happy to report that the result of this is Node-RED running on a Raspberry Pi under Docker on top of Hypriot. A word of explanation of how this all works in detail is too much, but here's where I got the parts.

Hypriot's gettting started guide brings you up to speed on getting Docker running on your ARM device (e.g. your Raspberry Pi). They have bootable images that you can download and burn to SD card, and from there you load up applications from Docker.

Hypriot has a chat window on Gitter, so you can pop in and there will be occasionally people to assist. Best to do things European time.

Docker's DockerHub is a one stop shop for packaged applications. When you're running on the Pi, you'll want to seek out versions with 'rpi' or 'arm' in their names as they have likely been adapted for that system.

I ended up pulling Niel Eyde's Raspberry Pi versions of Node-RED from DockerHub as nieleyde/rpi-nodered. It has all sorts of interesting modules that I had not previously built.

Node-RED is at 0.10.6 at this writing. Its Raspberry Pi support includes hardware support using WiringPi to access the GPIO pins.

Node-RED currently supports Node.JS 0.10. Node.JS and IO.JS have merged forces after a fork, which means hopefully development will start to be sane again.

That all said I am not sure I have everything I need yet but as a leap forward it's pretty good!