that new computer smell

I won't be complaining about a small keyboard or a small screen for a while, but I have a lot of tools to reinstall on a new system.

In order of appearance:

Chrome, first thing. I like Safari enough in a pinch, but when it comes time to sync up my working environment, Chrome is what I need. A bonus on this system is that there's a working full-screen mode.

git comes with the machine, so I didn't have to install it; it's a big part of making sure that stuff gets version tracked.

Node-RED. I need to have a simple programming environment that is network and device aware, and for the past few months Node-RED has been it. I'm at version 0.9.0 now. That depends first on having node.js installed, and subsequently on pulling in a lot of Node-RED dependencies.

Contacts. I've synced Google Contacts with the Apple address book; that took an extra step since I'm using 2-factor authentication at Google. The CardDAV support is new to me.

Dropbox. Plug it in, it just works. Next.

Google Drive. Plug it in, it seems to work; lots to sync including a lot of photos and a lot of unsorted old crap.

One of the things I'm realizing is that yes, there's lots of "unsorted old crap" on this which is still a new machine.

XCode, that's a mighty big download.

Apple Software Update is patching the shellshock vulnerability, I hope.