Tune in to Skywarn nets in 50 states when severe weather threatens

This list of Skywarn nets is compiled from a list of Skywarn Twitter feeds and Broadcastify radio feeds. Networks are added when there is confirmed traffic. KE4KMD maintains a similar list, which was used in part to develop this one. There is a national Skywarn directory at Skywarn.org.

This list is sorted by state, and from there grouped regionally by National Weather Service forecast office directory. In some cases, NWS forecast areas cross state boundaries, and those are noted.

The Index to SKYWARN Web Pages on the Internet is from Todd L. Sherman KB4MHH and has been updated since 1996; it is an excellent reference. SKYWARN Storm Spotters from David Drummond is another national list.

For an account of the use of Twitter for SKYWARN activities, read #tSpotter: SKYWARN in the Social Media Age from the 2013 AMS conference.

Details for 29 of 50 states compiled here as of April 5, 2014. The future plan is to integrate Skywarn, electric utility outage maps, and National Weather Service forecast info into a single collection, listing the 122 NWS forecast areas on a state by state basis, started June 21, 2016.

National Weather Service

The National Weather Service has a number of Twitter accounts with detailed and timely information about severe weather. The service has forecasting offices with detailed forecasts for every part of the country, plus a set of national forecast offices.

  • Storm Prediction Center, @NWSSPC. Mesoscale reports for outbreaks of severe weather, national forecast and fire maps, and detailed risk assessments. SPC uses the common hashtag of a two-character state name plus wx, e.g. #miwx for Michigan weather, in its reports.

  • Tornado alerts, @NWSTornado. Tornado forecasts, watches and warnings, and detailed maps with risk assessments for tornado-warned areas. Does not use hashtags.


Severe weather: #alwx. Mobile area: #mobwx. Birmingham area: #bmxwx.

Alabama Skywarn Foundation has statewide connections and information.

Alabama severe weather frequencies from Radio Reference.

Skywarn North Alabama / Southern Middle Tennessee (WX4HUN) supports NWS Huntsville, Alabama. Twitter: @WX4HUN_Skywarn, @Activation_HUN. Hashtag #HUNwx. Listen on Broadcastify, N4IDX 146.960.

ALERT (Alabama Emergency Response Team) supports NWS Birmingham. Twitter: @k4nws.

East Alabama Skywarn serves Lee County and surrounding counties.

Central Alabama Skywarn serves the Montgomery area. W4AP 146.840 repeater, training net Thursdays 7:00 p.m. CT.


Severe weather: #akwx

National Weather Service on Twitter: @NWSJuneau, @NWSAnchorage, @NWSFairbanks.

Arctic Amateur Radio Club, KL4KC.

NWS Fairbanks ham radio Skywarn station, KL7FWX.


Severe weather: #azwx

Skywarn Arizona Sector 1 covers the Tucson area and is particularly active during monsoon season.

Maricopa Amateur Radio Association covers the Phoenix area.


Severe weather: #arwx

Arkansas Skywarn, and a Twitter feed @arkskywarn.

CAREN, Central Arkansas Radio Emergency Net via Broadcastify. Little Rock area, monitored April 4, 2014.

W5RHS SKYWARN Repeater 147.120 Mhz via Broadcastify. West of Benton Arkansas, Saline County, linked to other Arkansas Skywarn nets.


Severe weather: #cawx

Southwest California Skywarn serves the NWS San Diego office. Facebook: San Diego County Skywarn. Twitter: @SnDgCo_Skywarn.


Severe weather: #cowx

Eastern Colorado Severe Weather Frequencies from W9TEC, last updated 1/2010.


Severe weather: #ctwx

Connecticut Skywarn has maps of frequencies in use and reporting areas.


Severe weather: #dewx

District of Columbia

Severe weather: #dcwx

National Capital Area Skywarn Support Group covers the Baltimore/Washington metro area. WX4LWX frequency plan.


Severe weather: #flwx

Flagler Skywarn, Jacksonville area.


Severe weather: #gawx


Severe weather: #hiwx


Severe weather: #idwx


Severe weather: #ilwx.

Chicago area: Romeoville, IL (LOT)

Central Illinois: Lincoln, IL (ILX)

Rest of the state

Southern Illinois weather forecast is from Paducah, Kentucky.


Severe weather: #inwx.

Indianapolis and Central Indiana (IND)

Northern Indiana, North Webster IN (IWX)

Northwest Indiana, via Chicago/Romeoville IL (LOT)


Severe weather: #iawx


Severe weather: #kswx


Severe weather: #kywx


Severe weather: #lawx

Northeast Louisiana Skywarn, Twitter @nelaskywarn. Web page is 404 on 4/5/14.

Lafayette SKYWARN Group. 537 System repeater, KF5VH on 145.370 MHz.


Severe weather: #mewx


Severe weather: #mdwx


Severe weather: #mawx

Taunton (Boston) area covers southern New England. Twitter: @wx1box. WX1BOX Skywarn web site. Echolink NEW-ENG


Statewide severe weather on Twitter on #miwx. Regional weather on #wmiwx (Western Michigan), #upwx (Upper Peninsula).

NOAA weather all hazards radio, Michigan listings.

Detroit / Pontiac / Ann Arbor, Southeastern Michigan

Grand Rapids / Kalamazoo / Western Michigan (GRR)

Marquette / Houghton / Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Regional severe weather on Twitter on #upwx.

Upper Peninsula Skywarn, 15 counties in the UP. K8MDH 147.315 Mhz, Keewenaw County Skywarn/ARES via Broadcastify.


Severe weather: #mnwx

Metro Skywarn serves the Minneapolis / St Paul area. Twitter: @metroskywarn. Feed: Metro Skywarn - South Metro Area via Broadcastify.


Severe weather: #mswx

Northeast Mississippi Skywarn (Tupelo area) via Tupelo Amateur Radio Club.


Severe weather: #mowx

N0NWS 145.490 MHz Southwest Missouri SkyWarn Severe Weather Net via Broadcastify. SMSSW on Facebook.


Severe weather: #mtwx


Severe weather: #newx


Severe weather: #nvwx

New Hampshire

Severe weather: #nhwx

New Jersey

Severe weather: #njwx

Bergen Skywarn covers Bergen and Passaic counties. Twitter: @WX2BC.

Cape May County Skywarn is 147.42 simplex.

New Mexico

Severe weather: #nmwx

New York

Severe weather: #nywx

New York City Skywarn.

North Carolina

Severe weather: #ncwx. Wilmington area: #ilmwx. Eastern North Carolina: #encwx.

SE North Carolina: RBC Skywarn (Facebook). Attached to NWS Wilmington, NC.

Central Carolina Skywarn web site. Monitor Central Carolina Skywarn WB4TQD on Broadcastify; serves Raleigh, NC and surrounding counties.

North Dakota

Severe weather: #ndwx.


Severe weather: #ohwx. Cincinnati area #cincywx.

Central Ohio Severe Weather Network supports NWS Wilmington, OH.

Cuyahoga County Skywarn supports the Cleveland area. Twitter: @CuyahogaSkywarn.

Cincinnati's Weather Amateur Radio Network (WARN). Listen to W8NWS on Broadcastify. 146.88 MHz. 17 counties surrounding Hamilton County, Ohio. Twitter: @CincySkywarn, #cincywx


Severe weather: #okwx

Oklahoma weather frequencies on Radio Reference.

Eastern Oklahoma / Northwestern Arkansas Skywarn is out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Station [WX5TUL].



Rhode Island

Severe weather: #riwx.

South Carolina

Severe weather: #scwx.

South Dakota

Severe weather: #sdwx.


Severe weather: #tnwx.

East Tennessee Skywarn, and a twitter feed @etskywarn. Knoxville area.

Middle Tennessee Skywarn Spotters (Facebook; not active). Nashville area. MTEARS radio network. Nashville Severe Weather web site, @NashSevereWX. Spotter reports from Nashville, #tspotter.

Memphis area: #memwx. Spotter reports from Memphis, #mspotter.


Severe weather: #txwx. Dallas/Fort Worth, #dfwwx. Lubbock, #lubwx.

Fort Worth / Dallas: @wx5fwd, NWS Fort Worth Skywarn radio desk. WX5FWD SKYWARN Team web site. EchoLink conference WX5FWD (372418).

Denton County: W5NGU 146.920 via Broadcastify. Denton County Amateur Radio Association web site. Denton ARES.

Wichita County: Wichita County ARES 146.940 via Broadcastify.

East Texas Skywarn.


Severe weather: #utwx


Severe weather: #vtwx


Washington (state)

West Virginia


Severe weather: #wiwx

Milwaukee Area Skywarn Association, Twitter @mkeskywarn. Weather nets are on the 146.91 repeater; listen to the Milwaukee Radio Club WI9MRC directly, or WI9MRC 146.91 on Broadcastify.

Packerland Amateur Skywarn Society, serving the Green Bay area. Twitter @WX9GRBSkywarn. Listen to Green Bay Area Repeaters on Broadcastify.

MidWest SSTRC covers the Madison area. Listen to MidWest Amateur Severe Storm Tracking Response Center on Broadcastify.